The Team

Founder and CEO / Michael Bøs Elling-Andersen:

Executive coach, Management and HR- consultant, Speaker and Entrepreneur. Extensive Management- and Coaching Experience. Responsible for negotiations, contracts and administration. He holds a degree from University of Copenhagen, focused on Entrepreneurship and Sports. He is also educated in Marketing.

Founder and COO / Jan Sander Sandison:

Long tecnical and commercial experience in transforming technical soutions in to customer oriented products. Focus on Management and Development of complex IT- based business areas. He is a former Product Manager in both the Aviation Industri and in several leading companies in the Telecommunications Industri. He held the responsibility for Broadband Products. Jan is a certified Project Manager, Market Economist and holds a diploma in Leadership. He is, among other areas, responsible for commercial adaptions and pricing structure in ValueReg®

Founder/ Henrik Findsen:

Datalog and Market Economist. Strong Technical profile with many years of experience creating new innovative solutions in Practice-Intensive environments. Special focus on the transferral of IT- and Technical solutions from the whiteboard in to production.
He is responsible for solving Technical Challenges and Security Solutions in ValueReg®