ValueReg´s reason for existence:

Consumers worldwide have uncovered needs as they want to be enlightened about the products they buy.
More and more attention is on the world’s environment, brand value and the risks of owning high end products in a world where theft and counterfeit is everyday business.
Right information at the right time is key.
To deliver a product over the counter as a one time event, is a lost opportunity to serve these and new needs on a daily basis.
As a producer it’s difficult to relay the right information in the sales situation. Beside this counterfeit is an ongoing battle and expiration of IPR an unavoidable end.


ValueReg® has a vision of creating, securing and enriching a large number of valuechains in industries and societies in a global perspective


ValueReg® wish to facilitate a large number of valuechains around the globe, thereby adding value to every stakeholder.


ValueReg® give this pledge:

From a base in Denmark we will approach the tasks ahead with decency and always support every user of ValueReg®

ValueReg® will in its DNA not be selfcentered

We respect privacy and always apply to GDPR standards and relevant Danish and EU legislation

We do not harvest or store personal data

We are always focused on security and trust

We wish to have an “keep it Simple” attitude, and strive to cooperate in this mindset

We are obliged to Transparancy and Openess

We support the 17 Global Goals of the UN whenever possible