Yet Another grant from The Danish Innovation Fund

We are proud and happy to announce that we were granted our second InnoBooster Grant in early september.

The grant will enable us togo through with the continued technical development of our “Safe Trade” platform and the updated administrative platform for producers of designergoods and furniture. We hope and expect to go to market in may 2023, together with Danish producers of Design Furniture.

PS: we have just received “Intent to Grant” from EPC on our European Patent application. US Patent is Pending.

Stay Tuned ….

New article about ValueReg® on

On the of juli, published an article about ValueReg® and the multiple possibilties it creates. The article is the outcome of an interview with CEO Michael Bøs Ellng-Andersen by Journalist Heidi Juel Skovrider and presents ValueReg® as a Startup looking for investors to go to the next level of development.

Please read the article and get in contact with Michael if you want to hear more.

CEO Michael is presenting the prototype/App in this short video, presenting our MVP in a PP 501/503 ” The Chair”

(The video is in danish)

ValueReg would like to show the basic functions of the Apps, and the possibilty for communicating with your customers via each product…

Just to make You start identifying all the valuechains/business opportunities you gain by adding a secure Digital Identity to your product, securing Authenticity, Ownership, Transparency and more…..

ValueReg® on Lifestyle & Design Cluster “Møbelseminar november 25, 2020”

On LDC Møbelseminar ValueReg® was highlighted by Heidi Svane Pedersen, Head of Digital Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

On top of Transparency and Traceability, ValueReg® through its features ensures Ownership and Authenticity in the full product PLC.

We are proud to be working on developing these groundbreaking features and commercial opportunities

Please watch this videoclip( in Danish):

By courtesy of Lifestyle & Design Cluster and PP Møbler